Tug & Barge




 TCL3203 is ready to assist "Teras Pegasus2 + Diamond181"

Spud barge "Diamond 181"

Spud barge "Diamond 181" has three numbers of 24M spuds and one number of 22M spud which can be operated by powerful winches equipped on deck.

 "Diamond 181" safely completed double banking to STI B32 at Jetty No. 14, freeport.  

 "Teras Pegasus2" with SHME Logo

 "TCL 3203" waiting at freeport, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

 "Qutoof-1" laden with rocks

 Transportation for one unit of evaporator from Masan, Korea

 "Greenville 16" sailing from Ajman, U.A.E

 View of discharging Core LOC

 View of discharging PC Blocks from Qutoof-1 

 "Teras Pegasus2 & Diamond 181" on process for berthing at freeport, Abu Dhabi.

 "Hako 16" on the way to Sixco Jetty, Ajman, U.A.E

 "Navimar 7" & "STI T2" awaiting at freeport, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

 "Greenville 15" stand-by at freeport, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

 "STI T1 + STI B31" on towing operation

 "Teras Pegasus1 & Teras Pegasus2" stand-by at DMC, Dubai, U.A.E

 "STI T1" shifting at Steven Rock jetty, U.A.E