The care for the Health (H) and Safety (S) of people, the care for the Environment (E) and the assurance of the Quality (Q) of our services are decisive in fulfilling this ambition. We therefore are formulating HSE and Q statements that clearly give our objectives, and demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of our performance. These statements will be reviewed every third year, or more frequently if necessary, in order to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate.

In each unit and onboard every ship the proper quality, safety and protection of the ships is reached, first of all, by prevention of errors, emergencies and other incidents. In case if any such event occurs, then each employee is obliged to take part in identification and elimination of the eventual causes of incidents in order to prevent such failures in future.
The Company maintains quality and safety of sea transport services in strict compliance with the requirements set forth by the international and national documents; and this fact as a result enables the Company to satisfy the entire Customers' lawful wishes.